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About me
Rick is aSenior Architect for Burwood Group and web site owner of TheGenerationV.com and is based in St. Louis, MO.
Rick is a Certified Citrix Instructor as well as a Systems Architect. He holds an MCSE/MCITP-EA, CCEA, CCA ANG, CCI, Certified Ethycal Hacker, CTT+ and was recently award the Citrix Technology Professional Award (CTP). He is an Application Networking enthusiast and spends much of his time working around application, desktop and server virtualization.


Technology Consultant

Access Infrastructure, Application Virtualization, Server Virtualization, Unified Communications, Server Consolidation, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Web Application Acceleration and availability, Penetration Testing/Auditing, Public Speaking.

Saint Louis, Missouri

"I am happy with My current role at Burwood Group. If anyone has met me, you know I am pretty enthusiastic about technology. I'm pretty sure that will be my path for quite a while (or at least until the midnight geek sessions just wear on me). I am very excited about my new role as a Technology Author/Blogger and will be spending a lot of my free time finding new ways to spread my knowledge." ~Rick

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