Andy Paul

Andy Paul is an accomplished virtualization architect, instructor and speaker. He has designed and delivered virtualization projects for Fortune 500 companies, public and private healthcare organizations and higher-education institutions. He has also served as a lead technical trainer, adjunct professor and guest speaker for multiple organizations.

Andy is currently a Principal Consultant at GlassHouse Technologies, where he is a VDI subject matter expert and the team lead for GlassHouse’s Citrix consulting team.

He is a Microsoft Certified IT Professional, Certified Citrix Enterprise Engineer for Virtualization, Certified Citrix Integration Architect for Virtualization,and a Certified Citrix Instructor. He also holds the advanced degrees of Master of Science in Managing Information Technology and a Master of Business Administration.

His roles have included database programming and administration, network engineering, datacenter management, systems engineering, system virtualization, disaster recovery and application delivery. He is not married to any one technology, but believes in using the best tools available for a holistic solution.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Application Virtualization, Terminal Services, Server Based Computing, Citrix Technologies, System Architecture, Network/Systems Design and Engineering, Policy/Procedure Development, Project Management, Server Virtualization/Consolidation

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